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When it come to money, you probably understand that it is just a tool. By itself, it is worthless. You can’t eat it, but you can buy food, you can’t live in money but you can buy housing, you can’t wear it but you can buy cloths and it doesn’t grow on trees but you can still make it grow and harvest it for another day.

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Money is a scorecard. Every business on the planet, every government agency you come in contact with (taxes), every free loader looking for a hand out, as well as a numerous other entities want to somehow separate you from your money so that it can be theirs. Some of these entities will provide you with a product or service that brings you value; others expenditures are undesirable and/or a complete waste of your time.

If you Position your money wisely and spend your money prudently then you have the best chances of living a financially successful life. Make too many mistakes or waste it on foolish investments and you may not have enough to get by.

The Decision Tree Financial Website will help you to understand what financial products you should spend your money on and what products you could find better alternatives for a fraction of the cost.