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Decision Tree Financial believes the key to long term financial success is having the best protection in place to manage an uncertain world. We help people find ways to:

  • Protect Their Wealth
  • Protect Their Family
  • Protect Their Business
  • Protect Their Income

We Believe In Value

Decision Tree Financial believes that the more value someone gets from the money they spend and invest, the easier it becomes to be financially successful.

We teach our clients how to incorporate financial products and services that provide tremendous value while showing them how to eliminate products and services that provide very little.

Our strategies are not promoted by many Wall Street companies because they are not very profitable to them. However, because we able to show our clients how to extract the maximum value from their wealth and reduce their overall costs, we are able to show them how to keep more of their money for themselves increasing the positive impact on growing and protecting their wealth.

We Believe In Flexibility

We believe that flexibility with wealth allows people to both exploit opportunity when it presents itself and react positively when things don’t go as planned.

We Want It To Be Easy For You To Accomplish Your Goals.

The Power To “Stay the Course”

Though we believe in flexibility, we also understand that financial success is easier to accomplish when people are consistent in their actions. We understand that emotions and uncertainty can cause people to make poor decisions.

The unknown creates anxiety:

Are my investments going to continue going up?” “Are my investments going to continue to go down?” “Could what happened to my neighbor ever happen to me.”

Our purpose is to help our clients capitalize on their emotions so that they know they are getting everything possible when the economy is soaring higher and are protected from loss when situations in their world don’t goes as planned.

We position people so they understand that they can receive all of the upside potential life has to offer with a limit to the amount of financial losses they can experience.  This positioning helps people be confident and “stay the course” continuing plan they set out for themselves.

The World is a Smaller Place

Though we are located in Orlando Florida, technology makes it possible for us to work with clients from Maine to Hawaii and everywhere in between.

Through web meetings, phone conversations and even in person one-on-one meetings, we are able to work with individuals to help them achieve more with their money.

What Can Decision Tree Financial Help You Accomplish Today?


Regardless of whether you are saving for retirement or already there, you want the comfort knowing that you will earn the best possible return while taking the least amount of risk.

The stock and real estate markets have historically increased over the long term but have periodically collapsed taking with them the net worth of those who had their money invested.

There is a common belief that investing in the stock market is gambling where there are winners and losers. We believe that this is mostly true and therefore position our clients so that the odds are in their favor to succeed. We like to say be “more like the house” when investing in the stock market casino because, as everyone knows, THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!

We help people understand how to position themselves so that they can earn unlimited investment gains when the stock market is increasing while limiting the potential for loss and even profiting when the stock market collapses.

Click Here To Learn More About The Way We Invest.

Building Your Foundation

Insurance is the foundation of every financial plan.

Insurance transfers the financial risk of a catastrophic unwanted events to another party for a premium.

At Decision Tree Financial, we help our clients find the best ways to transfer risk for the least amount of cost. These costs are both direct out of pocket costs and opportunity costs. We offer:

  • Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Incomes
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Legal Plans

We represent 100’s of insurance companies in order to find the best value for each or our customers.

Check out our FREE Life Insurance Quote Tool HERE!

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